WordPress colludes with gynocentric censorship

My last post was about mob-rule censorship on Facebook… so today I shall accuse WordPress of the same.

It’s about this article 18 things women do not understand bacause FEMALE privilege.

Meh for those of you too lazy to click.. here it is:



It was a totally inoffensive retort to a similar article criticizing male people, but now it is blocked and censored without adequate justification. Just so you can make your own mind up I have mirrored the original content on my own website here.

Well what did WordPress have to say when transphobic hate groups of thousands of haters were doxxing me, sending me hate mail, spam, nuisance phonecalls, targeting my son IRL and more?


Note the bit: “Please provide us with a formal U.S. court order… ”

So what are these double standards? Why is WordPress hiring feminists to perform unilateral sexist and transphobic propaganda? Do you hire homophobes and racists too?

FFS guys, stop expecting us trans women to fight your battles for you. Stand up and be counted. I woulda given you mine had I known, but too late now! So just grow some balls, give them the two finger salute and be proud to be a man!



Facebook Protects Sexist Hate Speech

Feminism is supposed to be about liberating women from oppression, but the movement degenerated into man hating. Is this the way to promote  gender equality?

See this is a screen shot of a recent post on a public feminist forum. It advocated a curfew based on sexual discrimination with a clear implication that men are all potential rapists, rather than being the ones actively protecting women.


In just 12 hours it attracts 2900 likes (some cackling with glee) and a further 500 shares all potentially with a similar impact on public opinion.

Now I know what it’s like to be a man: Always suspected of being a sexual predator, malevolent gossip behind your back, and often falsely accused too. This same suspicion follows me even today after a sex change, even after I decided I would never entertain having a relationship with a woman,  because all the ones I have ever been intimate with were treacherous, deceitful users. So I posted a public reply in the comments, and see it was removed by Facebook moderators. (it shows what they removed).ban-22-07-2016-post-removed

Now I do know many femists were outraged by my post. I don’t know if any lesbians were taking offense, but just like heterosexual men, they too can be sexual predators as we can conclude from official statistics. If all men can be affronted in this way then surely such female on female predators should not be exempt from curfew to protect women?!


Keep in mind that the admin of said open feminist forum have the ability to remove my post from their forum.

Keep in mind that the Feminists United admin have the ability to block me from posting on their forum.

Why are they instead abusing the Facebook flag system to target my account? What excuse is there to call me a “troll” when clearly their post is antagonizing sexist and baiting?Feminists-United-false-flagging1

… but more to the point why do Facebook moderators empower the abuse of their social media for censorship and promoting misandry, without giving me so much as a warning?


I denounce you for sexist bigotry Facebook, and for promoting acrimonious distrust based on sexist discrimination.

Feminism has become a cancer in society.






Bath Room Bill

Certain reactionary states are issuing laws allowing the exclusion of trangender people… for no reason other than that we are transgender. It’s become known as “the bath room bill”, because it’s primary motive appears to be to coerce us “trannies” to use washroom facilities designated for our birth assigned gender (rather than what we actually have).

There are a lot of ugly cartoons showing heterosexual perverts entering women’s safe space on the pretext of being a trans woman… however I added my own subtitle to this one to show exactly what can happen if we are forced to use washrooms of our original sex… look the sick perverts can then pretend to be transgender of the opposite sex (i.e. trans men) and they won’t even have to try to look like a woman to enter woman safe spaces.. because they are just abiding by insane laws.

Yes these laws are worse than useless, for the purpose they purport.


Now let’s be logical about this:

For a start, how is anyone going to enforce it?

I’m not going in the men’s and that’s final.

Trans women are no more a liability to other women, than any other women are, so these laws target the wrong people.

The reality is that sexual predators who prey on women will be heterosexual males, or cisgender lesbians… but why would they bother pretending to be a woman, just to ogle at other women in women’s safe spaces. Isn’t it easier to hire a porn video or something like that?

The real solution is to make it illegal to disrespect other people’s privacy in public space.. regardless the gender of the perpetrator. The authorities need to make sure the offenders are prosecuted and that the law acts as a deterrent to sexual harassment… not as a means of trans misogyny against nice innocent trans ladies like me. #AmIright?

Per chance due to an impostor posting hate speech using my name and image, my attention was drawn to this article about a lesbian teen being reported to the police for using the woman’s wash room. Apparently the McDonalds manager thought she was a young man.




Roosh V

I was alerted to an impending invasion of our country by an alleged group of rape advocates, but I’m not the kind of girl who gets easily swept along by fear tactics. I immediately doubted that a group advocating the legalization of rape would get much traction here in NZ, so my question was… what is really behind this story?

I did a bit of research, and I soon came to the conclusion it was paranoid SJW hysteria controlling media and politicians, going from the sublime to the ridiculous. My conclusions are confirmed in this rebel media presentation.

Roush was just using satire to illustrate the irrational statements made about rape culture and about Islam too, then SJW keyboard warriors deliberately over react. They usurp the media and politics hyping it up to promote their own (often feminist) agendas.

However it doesn’t end there. Here is an example of the bitter hatred coming from women who have been fed these lies.


Notice that person responding to me there lacks the courage to show her face as well as using a fake name. Christyparks420 makes the false accusation against me of “promoting his behavior” and in her ignorance, defiles me as a “man in a woman’s body”… no dear… I didn’t “promote” anything at all,  and people don’t have to tow the femitard line, regardless what body we have.

Irresponsible mainstream media like dailymail.co.uk add fuel to the fire with articles repeating the misrepresentation. However the reality is that the women he dated, did so voluntarily, probably because they enjoy the sex, just like he does. In my opinion rabid feminists need to stop interfering with the choices that other women want to make.

There are so many over zealous lunatics out there that Doxxing and defaming a man who has broken no law, is likely putting his life at risk. To impose their views and silence dissent feminist agents in government, education and legal professions today perpetrate with impunity terrorism by anonymous proxy.

Well done for exposing the sensationalist BS that mainstream media has become. I respect Roush V for his courage to defy the feminist lies and make a stand for man’s right of assembly, right to free speech and his opposition to demonization and persecution on false pretenses.

The Danish Girl-my view

The-Danish-Girl_poster_goldposter_com_1I have been wanting to see this film for a while and at last it’s available here in New Zealand, so without prejudice or reading what anything else has to say here is my honest opinion.

First let me tell you that it triggered many memories of my own and that yes, I cried my eyes out… but that’s ok because I’m a girl now, and we girls are allowed to show emotion without shame.

The most resounding echo to me is that Eina’s feminine persona, Lilly, is awakened by accident. It becomes clear later on, that “Lilly” was not a new realization. Although now she had a name she had been there before many years ago, repressed and almost forgotten. Society simply forced on her the masculine role model to fit with her male genitals. Without a recognized identity at the time, Lilly had retreated into her subconscience yet had been the one performing this male persona imposed on her in complete denial of her real self.

The schism between Eina and Lilly is forced on her but this time there is no going back to being Eina… Lilly is out and the hollow shell that was Eina rapidly evaporates! Many people are accepting of Lilly, but societal prejudice now imposes heterosexuality… and the need for a woman to have a vagina. Lilly, unsure of what is, and compliant to expectations, explores romance with male people. Eventually it becomes obvious that both Lilly and hir wife Gerda, love each other. Lilly is not a homosexual man, but she is a homosexual woman. To be honest I think many heterosexual men fantasize of being a woman in a lesbian relationship, but they won’t admit it to themselves, let alone anyone else, and I don’t think it’s a perversion either way.

I was wondering why could they simply not be allowed to carry on living, and loving each other regardless if Lilly manifests as feminine?  Why should it be considered a mental disorder, when there is nothing in nature that imposes what kind of clothes one has to wear, nor a need for intransigent gender roles to be adhered to. Why should the authorities interfere when a person is no threat to anyone, even if hir behavior would be more typical of the opposite sex. It’s still natural human behavior, and the association of such behavior with one’s genitals is just a statistic, is it not?

There were a number of other issues, that struck a chord with me. At one point it seemed Eina was experiencing auto-erogenous sentiments, but then when ze goes to a peep show, (I think it was to reawaken ability for feminine gestures that had been suppressed for so long) … well it reminds me, that this is not unusual for cisgender women. It is not a paraphilia, but just more evidence of her feminine mind.

Right from the start it is suggested that there may be some deficiency in Eina’s hormones as hir wife consistently fails to conceive… could this hormonal aberration lie at the root of hir persona having developed more feminine than in most people born with male genitals? That question is not answered in the film but maybe one for the specialists: Do our hormones control our gender identity in the present, or do they control how it develops and then become fixed as we mature?

I thought the actors played it very convincingly, and that having a man to play the role of a woman trapped in a man’s body was a good choice of actor. I give the film thumbs up and I wanna watch it again now :o)


Returning to my car with my groceries some people were staring at me from their vehicle and they blocked me for getting out of my parking space. They approached my vehicle and were calling me names. As I went to get help, their 4×4 truck came racing towards me on the zebra crossing. They would have hit me hard if I had not managed to dive out of the way. Some other shoppers shouted at them that it would be assault and so they drove off shouting “Just you wait ’till we see you again!”

So, I got to thinking: “What is that causes such unprovoked hostility? I’m not doing anything to upset them.”

Is trans-activism a problem?

Trans activists are generally seen as whiny “special snowflakes”, but that image is a result of social justice warriors. Often themselves not transgender, said SJWs usually have a left wing political and/or feminist  agenda, and are usurping the trans rights campaign by proxy.

A few weeks ago there was a radio show on Radio New Zealand where self appointed transgender spokes people voiced their opinions. One of the questions was about the publicity of Bruce Jenner coming out and transitioning to Caitlyn. It was acknowledge that her high profile had increased significantly the awareness of transgender being distinct from homosexuality, but then they went on to imply that it was somehow connected to a recent increase in the number of violent assaults on trans women of color.

I don’t see any causal link there. I think that Caitlyn expressing her right-wing political views help dispel the perception of trans people as whiny lefties and I have no objection to her showing that we trans people are all individuals and not to just be swept into the big pot of sexual deviants labelled LGBT.

One thing that harms out cause is the insistence by some activists that underage children should be allowed to choose gender, but a child has nothing to compare it to and has not yet experienced sexuality or gender identity as an adult. What I think would be wrong, is to impress on a child that he or she will need to have a sex change in order to be their real selves: Maybe we should allow them to explore gender and simply let them know that it’s OK for boys to be  effeminate and for girls to act masculine, yet obsessive transgender SJW activists are shutting down beneficial support facilities. The general public then rightly objects to what they see as child abuse.

It’s not their religion:

Some assume that it’s religious zealots, however I have found that Christians are on the whole relatively tolerant of trans people, and the Bible seems to express that we can be accepted in the kingdom of heaven as a trans woman is biologically a eunuch in Biblical times.


Indeed there is nothing in there that says what kind of clothing would be appropriate for  a eunuch to wear and being transgender does not imply any kind of sexuality.

It’s their obsession with sex:

urinal20couplemp9-300x290The accusations are, of us preying on women in the ladies wash rooms even though there is no evidence of that actually ever happening.

Surely if we really wanted sex with a female person then we would have been better off staying men and having a straight romance with a woman… so that’s just illogical.

Another fear that the cissies entertain is that we are masquerading as women to seduce straight men into having gay sex… but hang on… would it not be easier to remain a man and have gay sex with a gay man, if that’s what we wanted?

So these fears are simply irrational. Yet the cissies believe it, because it is their own subconscious desires that they project onto us trans people, rather than confront the ugly truth about themselves.


Just plain crazy?

Regardless if certain behavior is on average more common to one gender that to the other. Gender related behaviors can be found both in trans people and cis people, yet in a trans person it is interpreted negatively as some kind of perversion and indicative of a mental disorder. Without appreciating that these behaviors are natural to humans, the general public liken transgender with derision to delusions like trans-racial and trans-species for which there is no real scientific basis other than them being delusional.


Then I saw the a transgender group on Facebook for transgender dating, and the image they use definitely suggests various paraphilia, and I thought how that really throws us right back into the camp of psychiatric disorders and sexual perversion…


… until I had though about it some more. Trans people are no less entitled to cosplay and wear sexy things when engaging in adult behavior. This is a dating group… and ypu can expect the same sort of things you might find in any group of people looking for adult fun. I think the cissies (opposite of “trannies”) need to stop being such hypocrites and look at their own sexual proclivities… although I personally still think this particular  image alludes to some kind of connexion with bestiality and trans-species nonsense… still… live and let live I say.



The general public have no justification for aversion, hatred or fear of trans people. Those who are transphobic are hypocritically projecting their own problems onto a minority that is easy to target and we should be entitled to equal protection under the law against assault.


Sex And Gender Same Thing Bull Shit

memes-17-privilege-I-enjoy_pp We see gender specific behavior in most higher species. It is a product of evolution that different behavior depending on our biological sex promotes propagation of one’s genes.

While there is an overlap between male and female, there is a clear difference of the averages. Articles like this are just wishful thinking for the sake of feminist ideology, who seem to think that femininity is inferior because feminists have internalized misogyny.

Wake up to reality and stop spreading falsehood to coddle your own insecurity… and stop usurping the transgender community for your ‪#‎Femitard‬ ideology.

When I was still a “man”… what social pressure constructed me this way then? It’s innate. #TransWomenAgainstFeminism



As you read the title, you may be overcome with indignation that this article is going to be a gender-essentialist rant. You’ll be relieved to know that it’s quite the opposite. My intent in writing this is to point out some serious misconceptions perpetuated in ‘trans 101’ and cisgender allyship resources, which end up doing much more harm than good for transgender people.

Anyone with an entry-level understanding of trans issues is probably familiar with the phrase “gender and sex are different things.”

While the idea of treating sex and gender as unrelated factors may result from an attempt to validate and support transgender identities, it actually perpetuates harmful cultural beliefs about the validity of sex assignment and the static nature of biological sex, which remove agency from trans and intersex people to define their own bodies and experiences. This way of thinking does nothing to combat (and in fact…

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